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Description:Tufeng water paint franchise store joining procedure
Description:Tufeng water paint franchise store joining procedure

Tufeng water paint franchise store joining procedure


1. Request product information for free

①Product supporting information

Manufacturers' catalogs, product manuals, investment brochures, leaflets, VCD promotional discs, etc., are selectively provided by the factory according to different situations.

②How to obtain

a. Mail b. Business Specialist


2. Selection and evaluation of franchisees

The franchisee should have advanced brand awareness, good industry reputation, certain economic strength, strong management ability, fixed marketing network, and good distribution ability. manual".


3. Telephone correspondence, in-depth communication with franchisees, and narrowing the distance between each other.


4. The factory sent relevant personnel to the franchisee for inspection and evaluation, filled out the dealer management card, and initially reached a cooperation intention.


5. The franchisee visits the headquarters (factory).


6. Negotiate and sign contracts.


7. Franchisees cooperate with factory personnel (including planners and marketing personnel) to conduct preliminary market research on the local market.


8. The choice of store location, the signing of the lease contract.


9. Store decoration evaluation, cost allocation and implementation of store decoration.

All franchise stores must be decorated in strict accordance with the decoration standards of the Oupai store. The specific standards are based on the relevant construction drawings, and follow the standard colors, standard fonts, standard materials, and the standard proportions and unified style for decoration.


10. The factory provides the supplies and supporting items required by the specialty store according to the contract, and the franchisees of other required supplies are purchased separately.

① Hard matching items

Movable items such as shelves, color frames, data frames, light boxes, POP advertising door head spray paintings, etc., are accessory items in specialty stores, provided and configured by the factory.

②Software supporting items (ie product supporting materials)

Enterprise pictures, product manuals, investment brochures, project tenders, various types of guides, handbags, color cards, small models, wood paint physical samples, wall paint physical samples, corporate image hanging boards, decorative paintings, leaflets, Posters, hanging flags, VCD discs, etc.

③Other facilities in specialty stores

Store heads, storefronts, ceilings, background walls, checkout counters, etc.


11. The first batch of purchases in specialty stores. If conditions permit, the headquarters will send personnel to guide and train.


12. Officially opened.

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