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DB-4D alkyd antirust paint series

Alkyd antirust paint has good antirust characteristics. It is mainly used in steel surface protection and antirust. The construction process is simple. It is widely used as industrial paint and civil paint.
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Ⅰ、Product parameters

Product: alkyd antirust paint

Brand: DuPont

Color: gray, iron red, etc

Ingredients: alkyd resin, antirust pigment

Coating: antirust paint

Performance: antirust

Base material: steel

Package: 10-20kg / barrel

Storage: store in a dry and cool place away from fire source



Alkyd antirust paint is short for antirust paint, which is composed of alkyd resin, antirust pigment and additives.


Ⅲ、Common colors

The color of the paint is relatively fixed. According to the raw materials, it can produce gray, iron red, etc., and other colors can be adjusted.


Ⅳ、Product performance

Alkyd antirust paint has good antirust characteristics. It is mainly used in steel surface protection and antirust. The construction process is simple. It is widely used as industrial paint and civil paint.

Alkyd antirust paint is a widely used antirust paint, which has remarkable antirust effect on steel and machinery, reasonable price and meets the needs of the public. 


Ⅴ、Technical description


Inspection items

Inspection value


Film color and appearance

Smooth and even paint film


Flash point, ℃



Drying time, h

Surface dry ≤ 4H dry ≤ 24h





Outflow time, s






Covering power,g/m2



Impact resistance,cm



Salt water resistance(72h)

No blistering, rust, slight discoloration and light loss


Ⅵ、Application matching

Alkyd antirust paint is used in many steel facilities, such as steel structure, mechanical equipment, engineering facilities, bridges, guardrails, etc.

The paint can be used as top coat of alkyd enamel, alkyd ready mixed paint, acrylic acid, etc.


Ⅶ、Spraying process

1.Open the package of alkyd antirust paint, add a proper amount of alkyd diluent, mix it well, and allow it to stand for 3 to 5 minutes.

2.The surface of the coated object shall be sand blasted, polished and cleaned to Sa2.5, with bright metal color. There is no sand, oxide layer, rust, oil spot, etc. on the surface of the substrate.

3.Keep a right angle between the spray gun and the coating surface. The spray gun shall operate at a proper speed. If it is too fast, the paint will adhere to less rough surface, and if it is too slow, the paint will adhere more easily to flow.

4.The alkyd antirust paint shall be sprayed for 1-2 times, with an interval of 4 hours. After the completion of construction, it needs 24 hours to ensure that it is dry.

5.Use diluent to clean the residual paint in the spray gun, use spray gun brush and solvent to clean the nozzle, and use a rag soaked with diluent to clean the outside of the gun body.

6.Spraying reference: the coating rate is two times of spraying, about 5 square meters per kilogram, and the film thickness of one time is 25-30 microns.


Ⅷ、Brush coating process

1.There are many types of paint brushes, which are selected according to the structure and shape of the workpiece.

2.Mix the paint and diluent, mix well and ripen.


Ⅸ、Matters needing attention

1.The mixed paint must be used up within 6 hours.

2.Construction is not allowed in rainy, snowy and windy weather.

3.The construction environment temperature is 5 ℃ above zero, and the temperature below zero and winter are not suitable for construction.

4.Diluent is mainly used to adjust the workability and drying speed of the paint. The amount of diluent is different according to the construction conditions, temperature and the type of paint.

5.After the completion of construction, the workpiece shall be left for more than 7 days to allow the paint to dry completely before it can be put into use.



1.The paint and diluent shall be sealed in a cool place to prevent fire, leakage, sun, high temperature and fire.

2.The storage period of coating is more than one year.

3.After opening the tank, the paint shall be fully stirred evenly to prevent color difference caused by pigment sinking.

4.If there are dust, particles, oil and other attachments on the surface of the workpiece, it will damage the appearance, so it should be wiped clean before spraying.

5.Due to different kinds of plastic substrates, the test shall be conducted before spraying to avoid affecting the adhesion of the paint.

6.During the construction, please do a good job of labor protection, wash the skin contact coating with washing powder and water, and seek medical help in case of discomfort.



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