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DB-5E Polypropylene paint series
DB-5E It is a special coating for polypropylene plastics, with high hardness, good wear resistance, fast drying, self drying and drying, convenient for construction; it can cover the surface defects during plastic forming, enhance the hardness and scratch resistance of plastics, and extend the service life of plastics. It can provide high-quality PP plastic paint of various colors (without primer) for a long time, without using PP water as primer, and can directly spray PP paint on all kinds of PP material plastic parts, greatly save the cost and time of spraying PP water for priming, can withstand boiling water for more than two hours, improve the weather resistance of plastic.It is suitable for coating PP plastic parts of automobile bumpers and household appliances.The top coat can be matched with single and two-component coating series, which is easy to use.
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