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Company Culture

Company Culture

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Chairman's Quotations:

● For the great development of Tufeng, and to improve the living standard of Tufeng people, I will lead the company's senior management to do my best and die.

● Wholeheartedly for the sake of employees, wholeheartedly for the welfare of employees.

● Treating customers with heart and respecting customers, Tufeng people always put the interests of customers first, and always regard customers as our parents of food and clothing. It is our eternal pursuit to join hands with Tufeng to develop together.

● An enterprise with a sense of social responsibility is an excellent enterprise. 

● Manage like an army, study like a school, and warm like a family.

● Respect the old and love the old, the company's veterans are the most respectable people in the company.


The purpose of Tufeng Chemical:

Fight for the future and think for the sake of future generations.


Tufeng Chemical's vision:

to optimize the earth's ecological environment and protect the physical and mental health of human beings.


Tufeng Chemical Mission:

Create a healthy future with water paint


The spirit of Tufeng Chemical:

passion, creativity, tolerance, sharing


Tufeng chemical brand goal:

to create a water paint brand


Eight honors and eight shames of Tufeng Chemical Co., Ltd.:

● Be proud of being brave to take responsibility, and be ashamed of buck-passing.

● Be proud of active execution and be ashamed of passive coping.

● Take pride in overcoming difficulties and be ashamed of being timid.

● Be proud of doing things with a public heart, and be ashamed of selfishness and fraud.

● Be proud of being persistent and enterprising, and be ashamed of complaining and giving up.

● Be proud of hard work and competition, and be ashamed of comfort and enjoyment.

● Be proud of coordinating and interacting, and be ashamed of being alone.

● Be proud of pursuing work, and be ashamed of finding excuses.


Tufeng Chemical's core values:

● cherish

● Diligent

● Loyalty

● Innovation

● beyond

● Exemplary

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