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Development Strategy

Development Strategy

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Transnational development strategy

Facing the unpredictable global market and increasingly fierce industry competition, Jiangmen Tufeng Chemical Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the expansion strategy of "developing with the world", focusing on continuous integration with international standards in development, and taking transnational development as product sales and development. The focus of enterprise strength improvement is to carry out extensive strategic layout on a global scale, and continuously expand production bases and products from one country to another, so that the influence of enterprises and brands can be widely spread around the world.

In the past five years, the company has maintained deep contacts with many international and domestic scientific research institutions, suppliers and sellers, and further strengthened cooperation with well-known chemical paint manufacturers in various countries to jointly promote the progress of paint manufacturing technology and put the best technology in various markets in the world. , and strive to expand global business.

International resource cooperation

Jiangmen Tufeng Chemical Co., Ltd. has been prosperous and has been improving day by day. In addition to its own advantages in technology and raw materials, it also comes from the support of many partners. In the process of globalization, the company actively conducts resource sharing and collaborative development with world-renowned enterprises in the chemical industry in terms of technology, raw materials, and equipment, and develops extensive and profound partnerships to jointly build a strong cooperation platform in the chemical industry, and strive to develop new products. Research and development of materials and new technologies, constantly launch new products with high added value, and focus on diversified development, expand their own market areas, and promote the continuous progress and development of the industry.

Enterprise Prospects

The company continues to promote the continuous progress and forward development of the enterprise, and perfectly integrates the innovative business philosophy, the pursuit of excellent quality and the comprehensive service commitment into the operation of the enterprise, and always walks in the forefront of market development and social needs. In the ever-changing market changes, the company will insist on focusing on the harmony and unity of technology, human nature and nature, and constantly open up new worlds.

Looking forward to the future, the company will better serve the domestic market and consumers. With the strong brand accumulation of Jiangmen Tufeng Chemical Co., Ltd., the company will continue to expand its brand influence, enhance its competitiveness, and firmly establish itself in the broad market. occupy a place.

With Tufeng Chemical, master the wealth of life

The philosophy of Jiangmen Tufeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is to grow together with customers. If you operate Tufeng Chemical, then you will get:

Wealth in life is both material and spiritual; it can be manifested in the environment of life as well as in the satisfaction of the state of mind. After years of shaping and upgrading, Tufeng Chemical has a profound brand practical value and cultural value, allowing dealers and consumers to have the opportunity to truly grasp the most precious wealth in life.

Distributing Tufeng Chemicals gives you the opportunity to embark on a brilliant road to success. Good brand, perfect products, preferential policies, systematic training, all-round service and ten-year product supervision will completely solve your worries, allowing you to join the team of Tufeng Chemical and enter the ranks of the successful ones , and from then on change the fate of life, truly become the creator and owner of wealth, and win both material and spiritual harvests. Using Tufeng Chemical, you can feel the superiority of enjoying world-renowned brand products, enjoy the huge profits brought by the continuous extension of the life of the Tufeng Chemical brand, and experience the most humanized "housekeeping style" Personal service.

With Tufeng Chemical, you will have material and spiritual satisfaction, and you will have the greatest wealth in life!

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