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DB-17 Polyurea Waterproof Coating Series

Oil based industrial paint

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DB-17 Polyurea Waterproof Coating Series

DB-17 polyurea waterproof coating can be used in harsh conditions and has a long anti-corrosion life. Polyurea waterproof coating can generally be used for more than 10 years or 15 years in chemical atmosphere and marine environment, even in acid, alkali, salt , and solvent medium, and under certain temperature conditions, can also be used for more than 5 years.
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1. Introduction:

DB-17U polyurea waterproof coating product has the advantages of rapid drying, good adhesion, good flexibility, two-component packaging and convenient construction. It has excellent comprehensive properties that can be adjusted, which can form rigid and elastic coatings. There are also excellent toughness, wear resistance and low temperature curing. The adaptability of the formula is wide, and it can be compounded with various resins and additives to improve performance, and it is also beneficial to formulate various environmentally friendly coatings.


2. Features:

. The curing speed is fast, and the vertical and top surfaces can be continuously sprayed without sagging.

·Insensitive to moisture and temperature, good thermal stability.

·100% solid content, no VOC, no pollution, environmentally friendly.

·Excellent physical properties, good adhesion with concrete substrate.

High elongation, no cracking after alternating cold and heat

·Good weather resistance, no chalking, no discoloration.

·Seamless coating, excellent waterproof performance.


3. Scope of application:

The application fields of polyurea waterproof coatings mainly include the following five aspects:

1. New marine engineering: offshore facilities, coastal and bay structures, offshore oil drilling platforms;

2. Modern transportation: highway guardrails, bridges, boats, containers, trains and railway facilities, automobiles, airport facilities;

3. Energy industry: hydraulic equipment, water tanks, gas tanks, petroleum refining equipment, petroleum storage equipment (oil pipes, oil tanks), power transmission and transformation equipment, nuclear power, coal mines;

4. Large-scale industrial enterprises: papermaking equipment, medical equipment, food and chemical equipment, inner and outer walls of metal containers, pipelines, storage tanks, mine refining, cement plant equipment, floors, walls, etc. Cement components.

5. Municipal facilities: gas pipelines and their facilities (such as gas tanks), natural gas pipelines, drinking water facilities, garbage disposal equipment, etc.

6. Others: Tufeng sells all kinds of non-stick coatings.

DB-17 Polyurea Waterproof Coating Series
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