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 Chlorinated rubber Anti-corrosion coating material

Oil based industrial paint

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 Chlorinated rubber Anti-corrosion coating material

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 Chlorinated rubber Anti-corrosion coating material


First, product performance:

1Wear resistance: good wear resistance, can be used for a long time.

2. Corrosion resistance: It has good corrosion resistance and can prevent corrosion on metal surfaces.

3Temperature resistance: good temperature resistance, can be used in the range of -20 °C ~ 120 °C.

4. Water resistance: It has good water resistance and can prevent water intrusion.

5. Oil resistance: It has good oil resistance and can prevent oil intrusion.

6. UV resistance: It has good UV resistance and can prevent UV damage.

7. Chemical resistance: It has good chemical resistance and can prevent chemical damage.


II. Product Usage:

Chlorinated rubber paint has excellent anti-corrosion performance, it is suitable for items that need to face harsh environments, such as ships, water steel structures, docks, oil tanks, pipelines, gas tanks, chemical equipment, plant steel structures, etc., can also be used on walls, pools, underground passages and other concrete structural surfaces, not only can protect, but also has a decorative effect. Chlorinated rubber paint is not suitable for environments where benzene solvents are to be contacted, which needs to be noted.


Third, the construction process:

1. Cleaning: Clean the surface and remove dirt, oil, cement dust and other impurities.



2Brushing: brushing with a brush or spray gun, the thickness of the brushing layer is 0.2mm-0.3mm.

3Drying: The drying time is 24 hours, and the temperature is 25°C-30°C.

4. Inspection: check whether the coating is uniform, no cracks, empty drums and other phenomena.


IV. Precautions:

1Tests should be carried out before construction to ensure the construction quality.

2During construction, attention should be paid to preventing pollution and avoiding pollution of the surface.

3During construction, attention should be paid to preventing leakage and avoiding leakage to other parts.

4During construction, attention should be paid to preventing splashing and avoiding splashing to other parts.


5. Storage and security protection:


1The paint should be fully stirred before use, and must be used up within 4 hours after mixing with the curing agent to avoid affecting the effect.

2The product should be stored in a cool and ventilated place to prevent direct sunlight, and isolate the fire source and away from the heat source;

3. Operators should wear safety masks and gloves to avoid contact w

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