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TF-200 Universal Metal Adhesive

TF-200 is added to baking paint or one-time baking paint to improve the adhesion to non-ferrous metal surfaces.
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1. Narration

TF-200 is added to baking paint or one-time baking paint to improve the adhesion to non-ferrous metal surfaces.


2. Nature

1. Composition: polymer compound with special functional group

2. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

3. Solvent: Isobutanol

4. Flash point: 26 ℃

5. Viscosity: 25Poise-30Poise

6. Solid content: about 80% ± 2%


3. Features

1. TF-200 is used to improve the adhesion to difficult-to-attach metal surfaces, such as: aluminum, aluminum alloy, zinc, tinplate, stainless steel, electroplated surface, etc .;

2. It can improve the ductility and impact resistance of the coating film;

3. Rapid baking at high temperature does not change color, and the coating film has excellent weather resistance;

4. Can withstand high temperature (above 280 ℃) baking without affecting the effect;

5. Good compatibility with resin, does not affect the storage stability of the coating.


4. Scope of application

For alkyd amino baking varnish, acrylic amino baking varnish, and other baking varnishes, please test first.

Can be added to two-component PU paint to enhance adhesion.


5. the amount of addition is about 1.0-2.5% of the total amount, which can be added at any stage.


6. Category

1. TF-200 is a water-soluble anionic compound obtained by polymerizing polybasic acids and polyhydric alcohols with special functional groups. It can be directly formulated into oil-soluble baking varnish with oil-based amino resin, which has extremely excellent adhesion to non-ferrous metals and glass. At the same time, it has good corrosion resistance and excellent physical and mechanical properties. The paint film has good water resistance, chemical resistance, excellent construction performance, and smooth and high gloss.

2. It is also suitable for self-drying system.


7.packaging 25kg / 200kg (barrel)


8. Storage and Transportation

This product is flammable and should be stored in a cool place to prevent direct sunlight.

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