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DB-8H Fluorocarbon paint series
DB-8H oil-borne fluorocarbon paint can only be mixed with special raw materials. It has super weatherability, anti pollution, anti-corrosion, anti rust, high decoration performance, good film aging resistance, chemical resistance, strong adhesion, good compactness, strong anti-seepage ability, and can effectively prevent the penetration of water, carbon dioxide and the erosion of harmful substances. It can comprehensively improve the corrosion protection of metal materials and external wallsPerformance and service life.The oil-based fluorocarbon coating has strong UV resistance and can keep the original color for a long time.Its super durable performance can reduce the maintenance cost, reduce the overall cost and prevent the carbonation of the concrete structure.Oil based fluorocarbon paint uses ceramic composite technology, which makes the chemical stability of the coating film higher, denser and harder, reduces the surface electrification of the coating film, reduces the accumulation of various dust in the atmosphere, has strong pollution resistance and self-cleaning function, and can maintain long-term natural cleaning.Oil based fluorocarbon paint has strong solvent resistance and alkali resistance, which is suitable for special harsh environment.The oil-based fluorocarbon paint film also has the functions of fire prevention, temperature resistance, anti-static and anti radiation.
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