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Oily Industrial Paint Series

Water based nano antibacterial, mould proof and alcohol resistant anti pollution green environmental protection coating
Health and environmental protection, isolation of formaldehyde, high efficiency anti-mildew, strong water resistance, steam resistance, oil resistance, UV resistance, moisture and heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance. The coating has good adhesion, wear resistance and flexibility, which overcomes the shortcomings of enamel cracking. Long-term use in wet environment can not skin, do not fall off, do not change color, with long-term effect, stable excellent performance. Once the coating surface is stained with dirt, it can be gently wiped with soap, alcohol, detergent, etc. The stain is wiped off without leaving any trace, that is, to return to the original state, so do not be afraid to encounter graffiti, do not be afraid of stain pollution. [A component 1(paint): B component 0.1-0.2(tap water)](weight ratio), A、B component ratio can be adjusted according to temperature.
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TF-7G Epoxy anticorrosion primer
The epoxy anti rust and anti-corrosion primer is mainly composed of epoxy resin, zinc powder, special anti-corrosion and anti rust pigments, fillers, auxiliaries, solvents, etc.In order to form a continuous and tight coating and closely contact with the metal steel structure substrate, the epoxy anti rust and anti-corrosion primer not only has good anti-corrosion performance, but also has strong adhesion, and has good adhesion with the steel structure fluorocarbon finish.The physical and chemical characteristics of tough film, excellent acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, salt resistance and chemical gas corrosion resistance are used as the general anti-corrosion primer for steel structure pipeline.
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DB-19W Toy paint series(no burning, no undercutting)
This product is made up of resin, pigment, solvent and assistant.It has super scratch and wear resistance, fast drying and good adhesion, light and color retention, high luster, various colors, beautiful luster, simple construction and wide application.
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Special waterproof coating for underwater coating swimming pool
This product is mainly made of epoxy resin, ceramic resin, anti-rust pigments, fillers, additives, solvents, etc. The coating is hard, wear-resistant, anti-rust waterproof, salt spray resistant. This product is a two-component amine-curable special waterproof coating for swimming pools, which can be constructed by heating spraying, normal temperature spraying, brushing, roller coating, etc.
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DB-18V Oily exterior wall paint
Oily exterior wall paint is a kind of commonly used architectural coating. Its film is relatively hard, with strong water resistance, water resistance and UV radiation resistance. It can be irradiated for a long time without discoloration.Therefore, it is widely used in the external walls of buildings in China.
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DB-17 Polyurea waterproof coating series
DB-17U polyurea waterproof coating product has the advantages of fast drying, good adhesion, good flexibility, two-component packaging and convenient construction.With adjustable excellent comprehensive performance, it can form rigid and elastic coating.There are also excellent toughness, wear resistance and low temperature curing.The compatibility of the formula is wide, which can be compounded with various resins and additives to improve the performance, and is also conducive to the preparation of various environmental friendly coatings.
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DB-16T Thermal insulation coating
DB-16T with the increasingly exhausted of the earth's energy, environmental protection and energy saving become the theme of this era. In the era of scientific research and technological development, energy saving and consumption reduction, and economic efficiency improvement are one of the main breakthrough directions, even fire paint technology is no exception.In recent years, the research and development of building thermal insulation coating - reflective thermal insulation coating has made a great breakthrough in energy saving.To understand - reflective insulation coating, we need to start with the formulation of reflective insulation coating.
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DB-15S Road marking paint series
Features: the product has fast drying film, good adhesion, excellent UV resistance, good outdoor durability, and can be used in low temperature conditions
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DB-14R Road reflective paint series
Chinese definition of db-14r: reflective paint is a new reflective paint, which is based on acrylic resin and mixed with a certain proportion of directional reflective materials in solvent.Its reflective principle is to reflect the light through the reflective beads back to the human line of sight, forming a reflective effect, which is more obvious at night.
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DB-13P Glass paint series
DB-13P glass paint is composed of special film-forming substances, pigments, solvents and additives, which is suitable for coating on glass surface.This product has strong adhesion, its film is firm and never fall off; it does not need special treatment at high temperature, and its color is bright and lustrous, embracing Changxin; it is acid and alkali resistant; hot water resistant; mildew, corrosion and humidity resistant, with excellent hardness and toughness, and its performance indicators are superior to those of traditional solvent based paint, green, environmental friendly, non-toxic and healthy; it has elegant smell, fast and self dryingStrong adhesion, corrosion resistance, heat resistance.
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DB-12N Floor paint series
DB-12N floor paint is mainly used for floor coating.This kind of paint has excellent wear-resistant and compressive properties, different varieties and supporting facilities, which can be used for floor coating in workshops, supermarkets, parking lots and sports venues.It is mainly made of oil, tree material, color, solvent, etc., mainly divided into decorative floor paint, heavy-duty anti-corrosion floor paint, heavy-duty floor paint, etc.Floor paint is made up of a variety of different substances by mixing, dissolving, dispersing and many other production processes.Floor paint is bright, true, beautiful, wear-resistant, waterproof, corrosion-resistant and other characteristics.
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DB-11M High temperature paint series
DB-11M is made of organosilicon resin, special heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant pigments, fillers, additives and other components. It has excellent heat resistance, rust prevention and corrosion resistance. It can withstand high temperature (200 ℃, 300 ℃, 600 ℃, 800 ℃) above 800 ℃. It is crosslinked and solidified at 180 ℃ - 220 ℃ / 30 minutes, which is convenient for construction.
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