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ZJ-4310 Polyurea rheological anti-settling agent

ZJ-4310 Polyurea rheological anti-settling agent
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ZJ-4310 Polyurea rheological anti-settling agent

Overview: Polymer aggregates containing amino and acid groups

Physical property data:

1. Active ingredient: high molecular polymer containing amino and acid groups

2. Content: 40%

3. Density: 1.02

4. Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid

5. Solvent: PMA



1. Direct addition, easy to use.

2. It has wide compatibility with various resins, does not affect the gloss, vividness and transparency of the paint film, and is suitable for high gloss surfaces.

3. Effective dustproof pad and anti-floating color performance, especially suitable for anti-settling of inorganic pigments and fillers in high-solids coatings.

4. It will not cause serious thixotropic increase, high safety star, and will not affect the leveling performance of the system.

5. Excellent anti-sagging effect, especially high temperature anti-sagging.


Recommended dosage: calculated according to the total amount of the formula: 0.5-1.5% The optimal dosage needs to be obtained through testing

Adding method: It can be added at any stage of paint manufacturing, but it must be uniformly dispersed in the paint system.

Scope of application: solvent-based coating system

Packing: 25KG / 200KG / barrel

Sample: 60ML glass bottle

Storage stability: The shelf life is two years from the date of production. The container should be sealed during storage. It is required that there is no freezing and the ambient temperature is below 40 ℃

The content of this information is based on our current knowledge and experiments. Since we cannot test the nature of all occasions when using this product, especially when other companies' products are also used at the same time, we remind you that before using this product You should test its performance to determine whether it can meet the requirements. We reserve the right to make technical improvements and changes to this product. All information contained in this information does not have any legal guarantee.

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